Schwinn 470 Elliptical Trainer Review

As an exercise equipment that can provide for smooth and challenging workout routines, the Schwinn 470 elliptical trainer is one of the most popular home fitness machines today. This unit is said to be less challenging than a treadmill, and yet it can give its user enough challenges to tone several muscle groups all at once.

In spite of being large and heavy, this model of elliptical machine is stable as its oversized stabilizers can support the equipment effectively. It is also equipped with transport wheels so that you can easily move the unit from place to place

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine
  • Bluetooth connectivity, syncs with the Schwinn Trainer App and other apps for fitness tracking
  • Sync with free downloadable Run Social App and run through 19 locations with 27 routes alongside people from all over the world in real time
  • 29 workout programs: 12 profile, 9 heart rate control, 4 custom, 2 fitness test, 1 quick start

Key Features

  • 20-inch Stride – The unit provides for natural and comfortable routine during workout.
  • Multiple Position Ramp – The ramp range can be modified up to 15 degrees inclination.
  • Adjustable Handle Bars – The movement arms can be rotated and adjusted to provide for various upper body workout positions.
  • Oversized Console – The console is user-friendly and can be easily managed when programming the type of exercise that a trainer needs.
  • Various Levels of Resistance – There are 16 levels of resistance that can intensify one’s chosen workout routine.
  • Large Foot Bed – The feet is properly supported to allow for comfortable movements.
  • Accessories – There’s a port to accommodate MP3 player, as well as speakers, fan, and bottle holders.


Schwinn backs this unit up with 5 years warranty on the frame, 1 year warranty on parts, 1 year warranty on electronics, and 3 months warranty on wear parts.


  • Product Dimensions: 70 x 26 x 63 inches
  • Product Weight: 187 pounds
  • Maximum User Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Stride Length: 20 inches
  • Resistance Levels: 25
  • Ramp Range: 0 to 10 degrees

How to Assemble the Schwinn 470 Elliptical Trainer?

This model of elliptical trainer is easy to assemble as it comes with a very detailed and illustrated user manual. The packaging is efficient, and there are also tools included in the box. However, you still need Phillips screwdriver as well as socket and ratchet tools to complete the assembly properly.

It will take about 2 hours to set up the unit; and because some of the parts need to be lined up and secured tightly, it is more practical to assemble it with the help on another person. In order to make things easier, you can start the method by sorting the parts first to see exactly where a particular piece needs to be placed.

Keep in mind too, that the pedal arms and mast should not be overly tightened. This can result in squeaking and creaking sounds, and might even cause some parts to break.

How to Use the Schwinn 470 Exercise Machine?

You can immediately program an exercise routine and use this model of trainer as soon as set up is complete. The display console is easy to operate and all the buttons are responsive to the touch.

To make your workout routine more comfortable, a fan and MP3 port is also incorporated on the device. And there are also bottle holders and utility tray for your other stuff.

Common User Issues and Concerns

This elliptical machine has been getting good customer feedback. However, as an 18-inch stride is more suitable for a majority of users, it can prove to be a little challenging for trainers who are under 6 feet tall.

There are also reports from some customers that the quality of speakers on this device is not that high. The sounds produced can be compared to that of portable speakers. Moreover, the fan accessory is not that efficient too, as it only provides minimal amount of air.

Some consumers also experienced receiving units with mismatched parts. And when the Company is not able to provide for satisfactory services to rectify the situation, said users simply decided to return the machine.

There were also reports that the unit is not that stable when placed on carpeted floors. In this case, it is more advisable to use rubber mats instead.

This model of elliptical trainer is considered by many as a very efficient exercise machine. Health enthusiasts with different levels of fitness will find it useful whether the goal is to stay fit or to burn some calories.

  • Solid construction – unit is well-constructed to give that “commercial feel”.
  • Stable base – there are levelers as well as large stabilizers to avoid wobbling and shaking during use.
  • Adjustable inclination – this allows the user to choose the specific inclination that’s most suitable to one’s fitness level.
  • Versatile – multiple hand positions can provide for different upper body workout exercises.
  • Quiet – the unit produces minimal noise; although you may need to raise the volume of your TV, it is not particularly disturbing and irritating.
  • Uncomfortable foot bed – Some consumers found the foot bed to be quite hard. If you are one of those users who like to train on barefoot, you may find it really uncomfortable. However, if you wear shoes during workout, there shouldn’t be any problem.

Benefits of Using A Schwinn Elliptical Trainer

very good reasons, elliptical trainers have become the fastest growing segment in the field of exercise equipment. Ideal for novice exercisers and seasoned athletes alike, they provide very effective cardiovascular workouts by combining upper and lower body flexibility and coordination into one fluid, impact-free motion.

A Schwinn Elliptical Trainer (Schwinn Elliptical Machine) emulates the natural motions of your body, including those of the feet and heels throughout your stride, providing a natural feel while working out. By supporting your feet and heels properly, your ankles, knees, hips and spine are spared the constant jarring and stress of other forms of exercise.

A Schwinn Elliptical Trainer is for people of all ages and fitness levels. You can choose your own difficulty level via intensity settings, and

you can vary the complexity of your workout to suit your own fitness needs. In addition, you can listen to music, watch a movie or read a book while exercising in the safety and comfort of home.

Regular use of a Schwinn Elliptical Machine will increase heart and lung capacity, tone and strengthen muscles, facilitate weight loss, and improve overall health and fitness as well or better than any other exercise activity. The bottom line is that A Schwinn Elliptical Trainer changes the way people look and feel for the better–much better.

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