Sole F63 treadmill is among the best brands in the market. It comes in a affordable price that offers performance like a costly one. Sole F63 Treadmill Review guide will covers everything you need to know about this treadmill.

The foldable Sole F63 treadmill is built with a design that offers solid performance without too many frills that are sometimes unnecessary. The structure is made of steel coated with powder paint for added protection.

SOLE, F63 Treadmill, Home Workout Foldable Treadmill with Integrated Bluetooth Smart Technology, Device Holder, LCD Screen, USB Port, Lower-Impact Design
  • FOLDABLE AND AFFORDABLE - This highly rated treadmill gives you the tough workout you demand with a price tag you'll love. Get in a great daily home workout without taking up space in your home or breaking the bank.
  • SUPERIOR BUILD FOR A SUPERIOR WORKOUT - Made from a heavy-duty steel construction that's guaranteed to last. Equipped with a 3 HP motor that provides a range of speeds, including the challenging 12 mph top speed.
  • REDUCE IMPACT AND WEAR ON YOUR JOINTS - 15 levels of smooth, vibration free incline provide the right challenge for runners and walkers of all abilities; all adjustable via easy, intuitive controls. The Cushion Flex Whisper Deck reduces impact to joints by 40%.

With this treadmill, you will obtain characteristics to guarantee the perfect functioning of the treadmill. It has very durable cushioning, rollers and motor. Although this model is cheap, but created from very high-quality components.

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Top 3 Reason To Buy Sole F63

To perform the workouts in a more dynamic and comfortable way, you have buttons on the arms to adjust the speed and incline very quickly.

For a feeling of greater freshness while training, it has a fan and bottle holders on the console. Here are some other feature you may like.

Amortiguation system

The tread cover is made with the Cushion Flex Sole system. With this system, an impact absorption up to 40% has been demonstrated jointly, compared to the pavement.

The band consists of 4 layers: 1 of intermediate PVC, one of nylon at the top of the PVC layer and two rubber bands on both sides. With this tread, you will get smooth operation and free of static electricity.

Career surface

The running surface of the Sole F63 treadmill is 51 cm wide x 152 cm long and is suitable for all sizes.

The commercial career surface is usually this size, so you can get an idea of the space you are going to have when doing the workouts.


The Sole F63 treadmill can be folded to save space while being very resistant. Sole has been able to overcome the first complaint factor of the folding treadmills, the ripple.

When folding it, it has the Soft-Drop system and a hydraulic arm that makes the task easier. Also with the transport wheels, you can move the treadmill throughout the house with relative ease.

Parts of Sole F63 Treadmill


You will be able to do all kinds of workouts with this treadmill, from walking to running at maximum intensity.

With its 3 hp engine of continuous power reaching peaks of 4.5 hp you will develop the training according to your needs. The engine cools through heavy-duty flywheels, so it will be more likely to be durable over time.


With a maximum speed of 19.3 km / h , which can withstand it over time, you will get really intense workouts and you can perform very effective HIIT.


To get a higher calorie intake or to strengthen and tone your leg and back muscles, you can tilt the tread of your treadmill.

With the Sole F63 model you have a maximum inclination of 15% and this you will be able to control both by the console and by the buttons located on the handlebar for this purpose. You can vary the inclination of your treadmill while doing the workouts in a comfortable, fast and safe way.


The console of Sole F63 is of LCD with a size of 6.5 ″ and in the model made for 2016 you have the option of connecting the console with mobile devices through Bluetooth, which will allow you to perform motivational workouts.

This feature has emerged as demand from the market itself to assess the purchase of this model. The data that we will see at all times while doing the workouts are:

  • Running speed
  • Training time
  • Distance traveled
  • Cardiac level
  • Calories consumed

This treadmill has 10  pre-established programs with which you can achieve goals such as weight loss, muscle toning or stress level control, among others.

You will have two user profiles where you will be registered the workouts and will be able to create workouts and save them for later use.

The pace heart what can be measured through sensors that are intended for that purpose in the handle of the treadmill. With heart rate training you will achieve a high level of demand, without jeopardizing your health.

Sole app

As we have already mentioned, you will be able to connect to the  Sole App . This can be done through any device with iOS and Android and you can see the progress of your training in real-time.

This system will allow you to connect with other applications that you are more familiar with and at the same time save all the data in the same base so that you can see it only from a device.

Final verdict

It was awarded as “Best in its price range” by some popular website like Fit Review, Run Review, Treadmill Review. Our sole f63 review is based on customer recommendations. You can purchase it if you want to make your daily workout more fun and effective.