Are you in the market for a new treadmill? Perhaps you have seen the SOLE F85 model at a friend’s house or you’ve seen it online. If you’ve got questions, here are some answers.

Folding Treadmill: A Neat Idea

f you’re limited on space, this model might work for you. The SOLE F85 is a folding style. This means it folds to a compact size, so you can store it easily in the closet when not in use. The manufacturer of SOLE products tout this model as being their best seller as well.

Let’s Look at the Features

The SOLE F85 sports a powerful 4.0 HP Continuous Duty motor, which helps one feel more confident about its durability and power. The SOLE F85 allows you to adjust your speed to 12 MPH. The belt surface is 22 inches in width, making it more suitable for a running workout. Weight capacity is higher than many standard models, as it holds a capacity of 400 pounds. There’s a fan built right in as well.

Getting With the Program

If you’re one that has little patience for customizing a workout, you might try using the auto workouts that are preset. There are six programs already preset for your convenience. You just hit a button and you’re good to go. You can also customize a program for your individual needs.

Other Features

By imputing your age, you can access the heart rate control option. This is a way to ensure you stay within your targeted and recommended heart rate. The machine also has shock absorption and cushioning, for comfort. You can control the incline from the armrest, too. The console has a message control center where feedback may be offered. The LCD screen is 9 inches and it displays in blue color.
While you can’t browse the web, you can listen to music. If you enjoy listening to music during your workout, you’re able to connect your MP3 player to the console’s built-in speaker system. That may be a convenient feature, as you aren’t limited to the use of earbuds.
The deck of the SOLE F85 is made to reduce impact. This also makes for a smoother ride with less noise, if that’s a concern for you.

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