Spinning is one of the most popular fitness activities throughout the UK with thousands of people each and every week taking part in spinning classes and spinning workouts.  Now people are starting to buy spinning bikes to use in the home there is a need to find for home-based spinning workout routines to be explained in full.  We’ve put one of the best spinning workout programs below also with a video so that you can learn how to get the best from your spinning bike.

Interval Training on a Spinning Bike

Interval training is the classic workout routine used by spinning classes the world over, and is known for raising the heart rate, burning increased levels of calories, and increasing endurance and stamina levels.  In order to benefit from interval training on a spinning bike try this simple routine as follows.

In essence you increase intensity for a short time (which increases your heart rate), then you recover, and then go again.  Calories are burning quicker and more effectively this way than cycling at a continuous level.

Once you have done the following repetitions above then you will need to rest for a couple of minutes and then repeat the whole process.  Once you’ve done as many cycles as you can manage you will need a warm down period of at least ten minutes.

Tips for Getting the Best from Your Spinning Bike Workout

If you are to really get the best from your spinning bike routines then make sure you follow a few guidelines.

  1. A proper warm up session to get the blood circulating and also your muscles stretched to avoid any aches and strains.
  2. Set the TV up in front of the spinning bike so you can keep yourself entertained, or even better some pumping music to get your legs going.
  3. Use a heart rate monitor, ideally one which connects to the on-board computer so you can track your progress and motivate yourself harder.

In no time at all you should be spinning just like you do in the more controlled environment of the gym.  Motivation is the key to success though so set yourself some realistic targets and get started today.