There are many different spinning routines for beginners that will help you to lose weight and burn calories at home using your own personal spinning bike.  Doctors state that high-intensity cycling can burn as many as 700 calories if you are really pushing yourself hard.

Considering how effective spinning is as home exercise then it’s no surprise that more people are now buying cheap spinning bikes to use at home.  Below is one of Exercise Bike Planet’s best spinning workouts and routines for beginners.

This spinning routine for beginners is designed to last 35 minutes and will increase your heart rate, burn calories, plus help you build up the stamina for more intensive workouts in the future.

0 to 10 Minutes

Stay sitting in a flat position and simple cycle at a leisurely pace with a very low resistance setting purely as a warm-up stage.

10 to 12 Minutes

Now stand up and cycle as if attacking a small hill so increase the resistance a notch or two so that you can start to feel a small burn.

12 to 14 Minutes

Lower the resistance to its original setting as well as sitting back down in the saddle for a brief respite before we go into hyper speed mode.

14 to 19 Minutes

Whilst still sitting down, sprint as fast as you can for 30 seconds, then slow back down and recover cycle for 30 seconds – and repeat this four times.

19 to 23 Minutes

Another recovery period as you sit flat on low resistance and get your breath back at the same pace you pedalled in the warm up minutes

23 to 26 Minutes

This is a hill climb so increase resistance and alternate with 30 second on the seat, then 30 seconds standing – but increase the incline on each repetition

26 to 30 Minutes

Whilst still sat in the saddle you sprint and pedal like mad for 20 seconds, then the next 40 seconds recover – and repeat this routine 3 times.

30 to 35 Minutes

The cool down period where whatever energy you have left you simply cycle on the low resistance setting and wind down for the final five minutes.

For more advanced users please read our guide to interval training on a spinning bike.

Spinning is one of the most effective cardio vascular activities you can do, but it is also possible to also work on your upper body strength whilst cycling.  You can use small hand dumb bells and weights whilst in the warm down session and do some simple bicep curls.

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