Stealth Core Trainer


The Stealth Core Trainer In a Nutshell

The Stealth Core Trainer by Stealth Body Fitness is the latest abdominal exercise machine to make a splash in the fitness market. It was created with the objective of making core training more interesting. It takes the plank – the simplest and yet, most challenging of all core movements – and raises the bar by creating instability. It engages the user by providing new challenges in the form of games on their smartphone (Apple and Android).

Most people first became aware of the Stealth Core Trainer through the inventor’s Kickstarter campaign. The interest level and investors allowed for the development of much more interesting and engaging core workout.

While most new training devices that hit the market can be easily dismissed as a fad, there are some unique features that separate the Stealth Core Trainer from the rest of the pack. Let’s take a deeper look as to why this piece of exercise equipment may be one of the best new devices to find a permanent place in the fitness industry in a decade.

Pros and Cons of the Stealth Core Trainer

First, a quick glance at the positives versus the drawbacks of this ab trainer:


  • Dynamic and unstable board engages more core muscles than most plank-styled workouts.
  • Gameplay makes the exercise much more interesting.
  • Different games create a platform for engaging muscles in different patterns.
  • The app allows for multi-player competition.
  • No WiFi or Bluetooth is necessary.


  • Must have a smartphone to get the full experience.
  • Only two games are included with the package.

Who Should Use the Stealth Core Trainer?

While everyone agrees that abdominal and core workouts are fundamental to fitness gains, some people may find this core trainer more suited to their needs than others. Those that will get the most benefit out of Stealth Core Trainer are:

  1. Anyone looking to improve balance, speed, or agility. Scientific studies have shown that strengthening the core muscles (which includes the abs, chest, and back) allows a person to hold their form for a longer period of time. Whether that form is found in running, cycling, swimming, yoga or any other trunk-related activities, body control is essential for maintaining the efficiency of movement. The instability built into the Trainer creates more body and form awareness while strengthening the core muscles.
  2. Fitness enthusiasts looking for quick, challenging workouts. A one-minute workout on this trainer is more challenging than simply holding a plank for one minute. You can target all of your core muscles in under three minutes while using the trainer. The different games create muscle confusion, which is a key component to seeing results from any fitness program. As a non-professional, you don’t have to spend hours creating new routines. The app, through its games, does it for you.
  3. Personal Trainers who have trouble motivating their clients to do ab workouts properly. Nothing makes a client hate a trainer more than being forced to do core work. The Stealth Trainer addresses this point of contention by forcing the client to compete against themselves. Instead of feeling like they’re grinding out another session, the client’s mindset moves to a sense of self-awareness and responsibility as they are forced to beat their previous score. The trainer can then focus their attention on safety and helping their client maintain proper form during the session.
  4. Small Group Classes. Although no one likes to admit it, even strength training group classes that are advertised as, “non-competitive,” can, in fact, get quite competitive. Plank competitions have been around nearly since the introduction of the exercise. Just like posting the watts and distance on a real-time board in a spin class, the Stealth Core Trainer Professional will bring out the competitive beasts in a fitness class.

What Makes the Stealth Core Trainer Unique?

Since the app has no need for WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity, you can work out anywhere that’s convenient. This self-contained model allows individuals to compete one-on-one and in real time. There’s no need to have a television plugged in or purchase another gaming console.

Since the board is unstable (it behaves like a body board on top of a Bosu ball), it’s more of a challenge to maneuver your avatar into position on the app. The app also allows for interactive contests with other players. Using this feature elevates the old plank competitions to a real fitness challenge as opposed to the tired, old, “staring contest,” feeling you would get from staring at the clock and each other.

Who Invented the Stealth Core Trainer?

The Stealth Core Trainer is the brainchild of Howard Panes and was designed by Don Brown (of Ab Roller fame). Panes, a fitness expert, was faced with doing the same old, boring planks again and started thinking of ways to reinvent the exercise. It essentially boiled down to two objectives: create a higher level of engagement and also to create a more challenging exercise.

Creating instability has always been key to elevating the plank challenge. As for engagement, the pair invested several thousand Kickstarter dollars in developing the exercise games. The games are what elevates the board from just another piece of exercise equipment gathering dust in the corner to a fitness challenge that rivals the Wii Fit craze.

How The Stealth Core Trainer Works?

The Stealth Core Trainer uses your phone’s gyroscope (the same technology that lets you switch from portrait view to landscape view) and accelerometer (the same technology that Strava uses). You place your phone in the compartment on the board, position your elbows on the board, extending your feet out behind you so that you’re holding traditional plank form. Once in position, bring up the app and start your workout.

The app/game brings up a crosshairs-type of ring that represents your position in relation to the game board. A glowing orb appears and the goal is to move your core in a way that moves your ring over the orb to destroy it. Once this task is completed, a new target orb appears in a different position and your workout continues, following the guided trajectories to engage different core muscles until you have completed the challenge and, consequently, your workout.

What You’ll Get:

The base is made of an ABS polymer and features a polyurethane support pad on top. The Trainer comes in two basic models. The Stealth Personal version is made in China and can support a person that weighs up to 250 pounds. The Stealth Core Trainer Professional is manufactured in the USA and holds a person weighing up to 400 pounds. This is a very sturdy piece of exercise equipment.

The app is available for free at the Apple Store and on Google Play Store for Android. Panes and Brown spent thousands of dollars on developing their app. As a result, the level of play on these two games is tremendous.

Final Thoughts

The hardest part of doing planks is staring at the floor for one minute. You either need someone to time you, find a clock that you can look up at every now and then, or stare at the timer on your phone as you try not to think about how much you’re sweat you’re dripping onto the floor. All the while, you’re wondering if there’s a better way to get a core workout. Now, there is.

The Stealth Core Trainer has created a workout routine that changes the way you think. Your thoughts shift from grinding out the end of a workout to thinking about what you can do to get a higher score and beat your workout buddies. It’s this kind of paradigm shift that moved the way a stationary bike was perceived as a dinosaur at the gym to the spin classes of today. A next-level fitness challenge combined with an interactive and entertaining gaming platform has made the Stealth Core Trainer a real hit at the gym and at home. With its challenges and routines built into the games, this piece of exercise equipment is here to stay and highly recommended.