What are sweatpants exactly?

Here is a brief explanation of what sweatpants are, what material they are made from and how they are cut to maintain their properties. The sweatpants are similar to cycling pants because they are cut so that they are close to the skin. It is made from nylon, neoprene, rubber, and polyester or combinations thereof. The material ensures that you start sweating faster when moving. The tight fit of the pants on the abdomen and legs automatically shapes them at the same time and the problem areas are kept constantly warm because the heat cannot escape through the sweatpants. This process stimulates fat burning and the cellulite and fat deposits disappear.

How does it work?

The sweating stimulates the lymphatic system, which also stimulates the metabolism that is responsible for burning fat. The body loses water through sweating. This tightens the connective tissue and the main picture becomes healthier after a while. Belly, legs, and buttocks lose their circumference and they are brought into shape by the tight sweatpants.

Of course, the sweatpants get wet from the inside and the fabric absorbs sweat, but from the outside, it stays dry. It is washed by hand or at 30 degrees in a washing machine with mild detergent.

Important: By wearing the sweatpants, the water loss of the body is significantly higher, so care must be taken to provide sufficient fluids. In order not to create new pounds, you should avoid sweet drinks after training and drink water, fruit spritzers or unsweetened tea (for example Greek mountain tea ). You can also drink a Powershot like an aloe vera juice.

What to look for when buying: You should note the following three points before you buy sweatpants. This ensures that you find the right one for your needs.

Figure-shaping sweatpants: Do you need a specimen that cheats a few kilograms away and hides small rolls? This is particularly helpful if you are wearing a lot of people while wearing sweatpants, for example in the gym or running with a running partner. We recommend pants from Delfin Spa for this purpose.

Combating cellulite: Almost all pants help to stimulate blood circulation and fat burning. This helps effectively against the unsightly skin dents.
Choosing the right size: The pants should fit snugly. So it means measuring exactly. Similar to leggings, the sweatpants are stretchy, so that you can choose the smaller size in the doubt.

Sweatpants women – advantages for women

Women often have problem areas on the abdomen, legs, and buttocks. They are brought back into shape by wearing tight sweatpants for women when walking, jogging, Nordic walking and similar sports. The sweatpants women can also be worn when cycling, jumping on trampolines, doing housework, etc. It is important that these pants never slobber, otherwise, they will lose their effect. Therefore, sweatpants should always be purchased one size smaller so that they lie close to the skin. The material expands a little when worn. For cellulite, creams are also often used to tighten the skin. These can also be used in combination with the pants. To do this, the cream or gel is applied to the skin before putting it on.