Best Squat & Power Racks

Best Squat Rack 2020

Content If you were to choose just one exercise to do for the rest of your life, for maximum benefits, it would be the squat. The squat works just about every major muscle group in your body. It boosts raw strength in the entire rear chain of your body, and can work both quick and […]

How to Choose the Best Squat Rack

How to Choose the Best Squat Rack

Content How to Choose the Squat Rack 1. Size Before you do anything else, you must make sure that you know the dimensions of the area you have available to you. Where are you going to be placing it? Do you already have a dedicated home gym or will you find a place just for […]

The 5 Best Leg Press Hack Squat Machines for Building Killer Quads


Content So, you’re looking to take your leg days to the next level by incorporating exercises that place great emphasis on the quadriceps. Or maybe your lower back or hips can’t take the stress of back squats because of injury, surgery, or just wear and tear. Or constraining yourself to barbell squats has become a […]