How to Exercise in the Morning: Form a Daily Routine You’ll Be Proud of

how to exercise in morning

Content It often seems that even when motivated to do something beneficial for you, the time seems not to be on your side. One suggestion is to schedule workout routines in the early morning before the responsibilities of your life have time to intervene. While trading exercise for sleep may not exactly seem like fun, […]

Top Weight Loss Machines for Losing Weight at Home

Weight Loss Machines

Content An exercise is the best source to your fitness and health. It is even more crucial to keep you strong in the face of lockdowns or any other situation, a health challenge for example, that limits you within walls of your house. You can find many ways and means to exercise at your home. […]

Benefits of Shapeshifter Yoga

Benefits of Shapeshifter Yoga

Content How Shapeshifter Yoga Can Provide You 5 Powerful Benefits In this article I want to take a look at 5 powerful benefits of Yoga in general and Shapeshifter Yoga has all these benefits as well. Yoga dates back thousands of years and was proven empirically effective. It aims to unite the mind, body and soul and […]

How to get wider hips – the best 12 exercises

Man doing push-ups

Content Let’s be real here: Not everyone was born with the hips of Beyoncé or Serena Williams. But that’s no reason to fret. If a big booty and wide hips are your goals, then you should know that you can totally get them with consistent and hard work. Of course, don’t expect to get them […]

Sets and Reps Strength Training Guide

Sets and Reps Strength Training Guide

Sets and reps are probably the most commonly used terminologies in weight training. The definition of a set is the number of repetitions performed without stopping, the definition of a rep (repetition) is the number of times you move a weight through the range of motion, then back again one time. An example of a repetition using barbell bench press would be […]

How much muscle can you gain naturally

How much muscle can you gain naturally

One of the most common questions a beginner will ask themselves is: how much muscle can I expect to gain in a given amount of time? The short answer, nobody knows, it’s almost impossible to predict, because there are several factors that affect the rate of muscle growth. What annoys me is the number of infomercials, supplement […]

How Long Should You Workout

Woman doing a plank

It’s a question I get asked by a lot of my readers: how long should I workout? It’s a difficult question to answer because everyone is different, but lifting weights longer than you need to is counterproductive, and in some cases could lead to overtraining. There seems to be a common census that you should […]

Sweatpants for weight loss

Weight And Belly Fat

What are sweatpants exactly? Here is a brief explanation of what sweatpants are, what material they are made from and how they are cut to maintain their properties. The sweatpants are similar to cycling pants because they are cut so that they are close to the skin. It is made from nylon, neoprene, rubber, and polyester or […]

How to get a bigger buttock with exercise at home?

best fitness pants for woman

Content The key to get a bigger bum is doing right exercises. It’s no different than a bodybuilder increases his muscle size to increase his body size, you need to focus on intense weight-bearing bum exercises to get bigger buttocks. With these 15 body-weight exercises, you can easily design your own butt workout plan at […]

Top 5 Yoga Poses to Cleanse Your Liver

Benefits of Shapeshifter Yoga

Content The liver is a crucial organ, as it is the largest gland that filters out toxins from your digestive tract. It’s essential in metabolizing drugs and secreting bile. It stores glycogen, vitamins, and minerals and also synthesizes proteins. The Medical News Today Knowledge Center says that these are just some of the 500 essential tasks that […]