Body Building: The role of supplements and motivation

5 Must Do Back Moves to Build A Massive Back

Content In the modern day context, bodybuilding is a fad among the younger generation. Moreover, it is a ritual where chemistry and mathematics confluence all together. In the other words, you can say that bodybuilding is a religion, sport, art or science. But it is up to you how you differentiate the meaning of bodybuilding […]

How To Swim To Keep Fit And Stay Healthy


Content Swimming is a sport that uses a number of muscles in the body and the full cardiovascular system. It is one of the best workouts that you can do to stay healthy and at the same time shed off some weight. It is also good for people with arthritis or back problems. Selecting swimming […]

How to use a weighted vest

how to use weighted vest

Content Many of you often hear about a weighted vest, right? Especially those who are always concerned about their body fitness. Often, you may see people using it in the gym or other places too. Did you ever think about the essence of using it? Well, it the easiest way to carry extra weights that […]

Walking vs Running: Which Is Better for health

walking or running

Content Overview of Walking & Running When you think of walking or running, you can consider both as better forms of cardiovascular exercises. But is there anyone better in between these two? Think about the need of yours first. Only then you can say based on your fitness goal, which one is better. When you […]

CrossFit Benefits

CrossFit Benefits

Content You must be aware of CrossFit if you are interested in fitness. If it is unknown to you, then I can bet you will be having a clear idea about CrossFit and its benefits after reading this. CrossFit was introduced in 2000s and was designed for military training as it includes intense exercises with […]