5 Ankle Flexibility Exercises for Increased Mobility

5 Ankle Flexibility Exercises for Increased Mobility

Content Ankle flexibility exercises are the last thing that people would think that they need to perform in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Many are often surprised to find that they have poor ankle mobility, especially when they exercise regularly. Unfortunately, due to many of our everyday environments, poor ankle mobility is far more […]

How to Lose That Hip and Thighs Fat

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Content Today, I will be writing on hip and thigh fats. And it’s going to be a really long post…so if you are a hater of long posts, do drop off at this point. Most of my female clients do tell me; “it’s like hip and thighs fat can’t be shed off or reduced” Read […]

Compound Exercises

Compound Exercises

Content If you have been lifting weights for a while now you should be familiar with the two types of exercise movements: compound exercises and isolation exercises. An isolation exercise is a single joint & muscle movement that moves a weight through its range of motion. For example dumbbell curls which use the elbow joint in conjunction with the biceps […]

How Long Should You Workout

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It’s a question I get asked by a lot of my readers: how long should I workout? It’s a difficult question to answer because everyone is different, but lifting weights longer than you need to is counterproductive, and in some cases could lead to overtraining. There seems to be a common census that you should […]

How to get a bigger buttock with exercise at home?

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Content The key to get a bigger bum is doing right exercises. It’s no different than a bodybuilder increases his muscle size to increase his body size, you need to focus on intense weight-bearing bum exercises to get bigger buttocks. With these 15 body-weight exercises, you can easily design your own butt workout plan at […]

Top 5 Yoga Poses to Cleanse Your Liver

Benefits of Shapeshifter Yoga

Content The liver is a crucial organ, as it is the largest gland that filters out toxins from your digestive tract. It’s essential in metabolizing drugs and secreting bile. It stores glycogen, vitamins, and minerals and also synthesizes proteins. The Medical News Today Knowledge Center says that these are just some of the 500 essential tasks that […]