Most modern exercise bikes now come with heart rate monitors which let you see exactly how intense your workout is.  The reason that exercise bikes monitor heart rate is because the harder you exercise, the faster your heart will beat, and so it gives a good indication of how hard you are working.

Sportsmen and women who are athletes use heart rate monitors and people who want to get the best out of their exercise bike should to because ultimately it will be a guide to progress.  And this will lead to you being better motivated when you exercise.

Here are some factors as to why a heart rate monitor is important:

  • Your heart rate is a reliable and personal indication of the intensity of your exercise.
  • If you know the intensity then you can vary it dependent on your fitness level and your fitness goals
  • It will let you understand whether you are showing any improvement towards your goals
  • Progress can be monitored and measured, increasing motivation

What does the heart do when I exercise?

When you use an exercise bike your heart rate will rapidly increase in proportion to the intensity of the training. Your heart will moves blood from the lungs to your and then back to your lungs again.

If you train harder, your muscles will need more fuel which means the heart will need to beat more in order to send oxygen-rich blood to the muscles.

As you get fitter, your heart is able to pump more blood with every beat. As a result, your heart doesn’t have to beat as often to get the needed oxygen to your muscles, decreasing resting heart rate and exercise heart rate on all exertion levels.

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