The abs are an area that can look flabby, fat and unattractive, but by adopting an ab workout routine you can get rid of the body fat and tone your muscles giving your abs that super cut look that men and women are attracted to.

Let’s face it, the stomach and ab muscles are a vanity “show muscle” but we all want them. Chiseled abs are just plain hot, there’s not way around it.

To make your ab workout routine more effective make sure that you do your ab workout routine at least 2 days a week; you can do your core routine 3 days a week but any more than that might fatigue your muscles. Your routine needs to last at least 30 to 45 minutes.

Remember the myth of spot reduction. Spot reduction means that you cannot isolate fat loss to a certain area of your body. You need to lose weight and fat all over your body, while at the same time working on building up the muscles in your stomach. The fat loss is what’s going to make it look like you have a washboard stomach, not the crunches.

You can workout your ab muscles and get them where you want them to be. But if you aren’t eating healthy foods you may have a layer of fat that is covering your abdominal muscles. These are fats called subcutaneous fat (fat above the muscle right below the skin) and visceral fat (fat that lies underneath the muscle near your organs).

Adopt healthy eating habits so that you can lose the belly fat. On the days that you aren’t focusing on your abs, do cardio workouts. Cardio (or aerobic exercises) will help to burn the fat over your abs so that you can have the perfect washboard abs that you crave.

When making your ab workout routine use the following tips to get the most out of your fitness and exercise routines.

Ab Workout Routine Tips:

Don’t drink large amounts of alcohol

If possible, avoid drinking alcohol completely. Alcoholic beverages are full of fat and calories that unfortunately gets held in your belly, making your belly look fat – hence the term beer gut or beer belly.

Also avoid caffeinated drinks. If you aren’t drinking enough water caffeine dehydrates you making your skin look dry. When you are dehydrated your body holds onto water making you look bloated and fat. To keep motivated avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeine.

Lower your salt intake

Salt can raise your blood pressure and can make you bloated making you look fat. Avoid adding salt to your meals and avoid salty foods. This may be hard to do but if you want the perfect abs you need to lower your sodium intake.

Remember anything in isolation is less than ideal. If you’re getting your salts from whole foods like lettuce leaves, celery and spices, you don’t have to worry about limiting their intake.

Give up smoking

Smoking cigarettes may be easy for some but very hard for most people who smoke regularly. Smoking is not a healthy way to suppress your appetite and has many bad side effects like cancer. Following an ab workout routine will be very hard on your body if you are smoking.

Smoking damages the lungs and makes you susceptible to diseases and cancer and increased risk of heart attacks. Why workout and try to get a flat stomach if you’re just going to smoke and destroy your life?

Exercise more than you think you need to

Get in rigorous exercise daily for at least 30 minutes, 60 minutes would be ideal. This will help to flatten out your stomach muscles. Even though it may not feel like it but when you exercise you will use your abdominal muscles. Exercise is great for your abs because exercises other than your normal ab workout routine will give your abdominals a different workout, giving you better results.

Before and after you workout drink plenty of fluids

It is important that you drink water before you exercise, but don’t drink it too soon before your exercise routine. And after you exercise you need to replace the fluids lost, for every 30 minutes of exercise you need to drink 8 ounces of water.

Sports drinks can substitute exercise but only after you work out, not before. Personally I like fresh coconut water as they contain natural electrolytes that help your body recover from strenuous lifting and straining that’s exerted on your muscles during a workout session.

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Remember, don’t give up eating fat. Healthy fats are essential for weight loss. Lipids by nature help to regulate hormones and thryoid function necessary for increasing your metabolism, being happy, sleeping well, fighting diseases, and generally being healthy