The Model D Rowing Machine


Finding the right rowing machine for you may not be as easy as it seems. With the plethora of types, brands and models in the rowing machine market today, the choice just got more complicated. From the sea of choices, there is probably one or two that stand out. One of them is the model D rowing machine.

The Model D rowing machine is one of the top choices among rowers to date. Its innovative features are getting good reviews from experts and users alike. Model D is an indoor rowing machine equipped with parts and functions that complete the rowing experience. It can give you the total body workout, you are aiming for and it makes for a fun exercise as well. Here’s a list of the features that the model is widely known for.

  • PM3 and PM4 performance monitor. The monitoring system allows you to track your progress. It records vital information such as power, distance, etc.
  • Flywheel with reduced noise. The flywheel design gives a smooth feel to the rowing exercise since it is designed to operate with minimum noise.
  • Ergonomic handle. This design keeps your arms and body at a natural rowing position.
  • Aluminum rail and steel track allow you to move comfortably with each slide and glide back and forth from the seat smoothly.
  • Flex foot footrest. Its comfortable footrest gives way for necessary adjustments with position and sizing as well.

The model D is a representation of comfort, compact, innovation, sleek design parts and amazing functionality which puts it at the top of the rower’s bracket.