THE RACK Workout Station is a great across the board home exercise center that enables you to work out from the solace of your own home. THE RACK Workout Station is sufficiently little to bear in your vehicle and bring to a companion’s home in the event that you needed to get a decent exercise elsewhere, yet in addition sufficiently substantial to give you an extraordinary work out regardless of what body part you’re focusing on.

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THERACK® Workout Station 30 lb Pro Version
  • Heavy-Duty, 1½ inch diameter steel framing and bolts - Weighs 30 pounds - Solid
  • Reconfigures to 3 different levels + 1
  • 19 different functional exercises, including dips, curls, pushups, abs and rows
  • Multiple, durable hand grips for a well defined and balanced upper body
  • Ideal for Circuit Training & creating an aerobic workout

THERACK Workout Station is produced using 30 pounds of unadulterated steel. It’s a little metal pen that you can use as a total exercise station regardless of where you are. You can without much of a stretch accomplish an incredible exercise inside 15 to 30 minutes or quicker relying upon what body part you’re hoping to target. It’s viable, fun, utilitarian, simple to utilize, and can give you perhaps the best exercise you’ve at any point had previously.

On the off chance that you’re hoping to make working out fun and energizing once more, at that point THE RACK Workout Station may be actually what you’re searching for. It will give you a wide range of activities that can assist you with chiseling whatever piece of your body you need. I’ve never observed or encountered a home exercise station that is as flexible as THE RACK and lets your exercise each body part with such a basic yet compelling structure. Practically every home exercise rec center accessible is going to cost upwards of $250+ however THE RACK Workout Station is advantageously valued at $159 making it one of the most moderate exercise stations available today.

Pros and Cons of THE RACK Workout Station

  • Use your own body weight as the primary resistance
  • More than 20 different body-building and strengthening exercises for a variety of workouts
  • Lets you add additional 5 lb weight to increase resistance and get an even more intense workout
  • Low impact exercises on joints compared to typical weight training
  • Can be used for any level of fitness you’re at
  • Can move around very easily
  • Made of 100% steel materials
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Has a weight limit of only 250 lbs meaning bigger people can’t use it
  • Won’t be able to build extremely large muscles
  • Not suitable for very tall people (anyone over 6’6″ could have difficulties doing certain exercises)
  • Can only do a certain limited amount of exercises using THE RACK Workout Station

Who is THE RACK Workout Station Suitable For

The Rack workout stationis reasonable for anybody under 250-260 lbs that needs to either focus on a particular body part or their entire body. It’s incredible for any tenderfoot that needs to turn out each day and get fit as a fiddle and it’s likewise going to be amazing for individuals who are as of now fit as there are many propelled exercises you can do while utilizing THE RACK Workout Station.

THE RACK Workout Station isn’t only incredible for individuals hoping to fabricate muscle, you can likewise get some genuine cardiovascular exercises from this exercise station. Since you generally utilize your very own body weight against you, you can generally add extra strides to give you a truly extreme exercise. Including bounces between lurches or squats will give anybody the consume they’re searching for and can push your wellness to the following level. Regardless of whether you don’t work out that regularly, this exercise station will be something that you can undoubtedly store and bring out at whatever point you do want to work out. THE RACK Workout Station can give you the quick outcomes you’re searching for whenever utilized appropriately consistently.

THE RACK Workout Station resembles having 10 distinctive exercise machines all pressed into one compact unit. This flexible bit of hardware gives you a chance to target seven diverse body parts – your shoulders, back, triceps, biceps, legs, abs, and chest. Turning out on THE RACK is very fun and pleasant. It feels so instinctive when working out, something so essential yet in addition very compelling and practical.

Building muscle while utilizing THE RACK Workout Station should come simple when following an appropriate nourishment direct. They utilize a strategy called Zone Progression Training that consolidates essential activities, compound sets, and supersets all done in a consecutive way. This system will focus on your muscles harder and quicker then when you utilize customary exercise techniques since you’re segregating the muscle and doing a lot of 8 – 12 reps and afterward resting for a brief timeframe and doing another 8 – 12 sets pursued by doing a compound set and a superset. These will assist you with sparing time and give you a progressively extreme exercise.

No other home exercise station was made like THE RACK. Its interesting plan lets you agreeable and consistently switch between various hand holds and activities. It has a lot of ways for you to do propelled practices when things get too simple to even consider making it a unique home exercise station. You can tell that they truly had the buyer at the top of the priority list when making this flexible, convenient, and foldable exercise center.

Creator of THE RACK Workout Station

Between the winter of 1995 and 1996 on-screen character and competitor Travis Burrell (while on set for the motion picture Escape from LA) put together a stopgap on-set exercise center from different various pieces of metal extending from leftover sawhorses, walkway rails, and providing food seats. He later envisioned a solitary inconspicuous exercise bit of gear that he could convey from set to set. THE RACK Workout station was made the next year.

THE RACK was initially sold in athletic gear stores from 1998 to 2002 and started advertising, circulation, and assembling in 2007.

How it Works

THE RACK Workout Station works by giving you a chance to utilize your very own body weight against you to work out. It has a steel metal enclosure that has three unique places that can be utilized to work out from. The standing position, the seat position, the level position, and it can likewise be utilized as a free weight.

In the standing position, you can utilize THE RACK to do tricep plunges to focus on the jiggly fat under your arms and shape it into unshakable muscle. You can likewise scissor-kicks to get destroyed abs just as one-legged squats to construct more definition in your legs from this position.

In the seat position, you can focus on your shoulder and arm muscles by doing raised pushups. With numerous hand holds accessible you can make certain to focus on various distinctive muscle bunches by doing likewise practice in an alternate manner. This position is likewise extraordinary for doing outrageous draw ups.

In the level position, THE RACK Workout Station accompanies wheels that let you do abdominal muscle rollouts and gives you a chance to turn out to the side so you can focus on those difficult to handle stomach cushions.

Utilizing THE RACK Workout Station as a free weight will enable you to do bicep twists, jumps, squats, twisted around columns, upstanding lines, overhead presses, and so on. These activities (with huge amounts of varieties) make certain to give your body an exceptional exercise regardless of what level of wellness you’re at.


At the point when I previously observed THE RACK Workout Station I sincerely thought it resembled a walker on steroids. It didn’t look stylishly satisfying at everything except when I began to play around with it and use it I saw it as all that I was searching for and more for an across the board home exercise center.

This little exercise machine must be the most cunningly planned bit of work out gear I’ve at any point run over in all my years. It’s inventive, adaptable, versatile, and useful. It does all that you can need it to do with regards to getting a serious exercise in and it enables you to do novice, middle of the road, or propelled works out.

Getting a decent full body exercise used to be hard. Heading off to the rec center each day and tinkering with all the various settings each time I moved to another machine just to get everything in the ideal spot so I could work out would be incredibly bothering yet it was additionally important to do. At the point when I got THE RACK Workout Station I began sparing a great deal of time and cash by dropping my exercise center enrollment and I could concentrate just on turning out (no additionally tinkering with settings on exercise machines).

In case you’re somebody who’s not kidding about working out and you need to spare a great deal of time and cash, I would exceptionally prescribe THE RACK. It will give you all that you need and nothing you don’t. It’s intended for the two tenderfoots and propelled coaches the same and you can rapidly get in extreme exercises in case you’re not kidding about it.

THE RACK Workout Station exercises (Photo)

THE RACK Workout Station

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