Yoga is one of the simplest ways to improve your health, mind and body. Everything you need is a yoga mat and comfortable and loose outfits to perform yoga.

Research has shown that adding this old practice to your lifestyle can contribute to boosting the strength and flexibility of your brain and heart as well as body.

Simply put, yoga can’t improve anything!

There are five reasons to motivate you and propel you if you’re thinking about getting started. You can do it on your own if you are an expert on this on can head towards the nearest gym and can be trained under yoga experts.

1.  Improves Flexibility

One thing you will probably find is that, if you’ve always seen a yoga class or people posing for yoga, they are very flexible. This doesn’t mean you have to be flexible to do yoga, but if you practice consistently and stick to it, you will see that your flexibility gradually increases. And finally, poses that seem unattainable will become a cake.

In addition to increased mobility, the discomfort and aches also begin to disappear from sitting on a desk for long hours with tight knees, lower back and rounded shoulders.

2.  Increase the Strength

Although the famed spiritual and transformative advantages of yoga are worth trying, its impact as physical activity does not discredit.

Many yoga poses or postures help you become (and stay) well balanced, weight-control and stress reduction. Yoga builds strength, flexibility and endurance through different poses.

3.  Reduces Stress

It helps you relax your mind and your body and give you a sense of unity when yoga is practised with intent.

Yoga poses involving relaxing training, guided respiration and techniques of relaxation will help reduce tension, reduce your blood pressure and enhance your heart function, according to your Journal of Yoga.

4.  Help You In Weight Loss

Yoga is an effective daily routine that aids in weight loss. Even though it is not an intense workout like cardio or any other workouts but it still is enough to burn enough calories that aid in weight loss. So making yoga a daily part of your routine helps in weight loss and helps you stay fit and healthy.

5.  Increase Mental Well Being

As said earlier Yoga practise can reduce stress and aids in mental well being. So practising yoga daily improves your energy and helps you to get in a positive way and complete your day in a very positive way.