Whether you’ve finally succumbed to your new year’s resolution and decided to join the gym or have bee plugging away for months on end to less than exemplary results, getting fit has never been easy. It’s an entire rollercoaster ride that’s never easy – if it was, everyone else would be at the gym five times a week too.

There will come a point when your motivation dips and an evening curled up in a book can become too tempting. It could be after a stressful day at work, during a holiday period or when the bad weather hits in the autumn and even venturing outside looks more hassle than it’s worth.

Before setting off on your gym journey, here’s a few motivational tips to keep your interested when the going gets tough.

#1 – Pump up the jam

There’s no better way to keep happy than to have all of your favourite music rotating on a playlist from your iPod. As well as keeping you smiling, you’ll find that you may even begin to work with the rhythm. More often than not, this will result in a fast-paced, more effective and overall positive workout session.

#2 – Have a vision

Before you begin your road to fitness, make sure that you work through everything with an end goal in mind. Doing 30 minutes on a treadmill can be hard enough, let alone doing it without knowing exactly why! Create a schedule and monitor your progress. If you have enough focus involved, then you really should be able to achieve anything.

#3 – Don’t pass the buck

Before stepping foot inside of a gym, realise that you’re doing this for you and no one else. While this sounds all well and good, it means that you’ll be to blame for the bad times as well as the good. Be responsible for your own actions and never let anyone else tempt you into falling out of your routine. If you realise that your fitness success is down to you and no one else, let that pressure drive you forward.

#4 – Look for support

While it’s important to be independent within your fitness regime, don’t take that to mean that you’re unable to include anyone else in your workout sessions. Company while training can be a good boost for morale and freshen up the atmosphere. Look for a friend or sibling to see if they can help you out from time to time and see if they can gain as much enthusiasm from the gym as you do.

#5 – Find a role model

In the same way that students use case studies to help them with their work, find someone who has been in a similar situation to your own and come out at the other end smiling. If you’re looking to get fit, find someone from within the public realm who has had a well documented slimming-down programme, while if you wish to build muscle mass, look at professional weightlifters and see what they recommend. No one can offer better advice than people with previous experience.