An exercise is the best source to your fitness and health. It is even more crucial to keep you strong in the face of lockdowns or any other situation, a health challenge for example, that limits you within walls of your house.

You can find many ways and means to exercise at your home. An equipment is the most blessed thing to have at such times. Even a small fitness equipment can help you a lot to push forward your fitness agenda.

A large range of fitness machines are shelved at market. You can buy one or more than one, depending on available space in your house and your budget, to exercise regularly. We would enlist a few here that in general are acceptable to everyone. Here we go:


A treadmill is the most basic yet very important piece of fitness equipment. It simulates real outside, natural and organic environment for you to walk, jog and run in your house. Not just that. You, with help of a fitness tracker, are able to monitor your exercise, in a real-time and on-the-go, as you go.

It is rather unsafe to walk or jog outside early mornings and late in the evenings. On a treadmill, you can do it any time. It is safer. It is securer. It is private. No one watches you.

Your machine is exclusively yours. No one shares your machine unless you want someone to, a friend or family member, who you want to be your exercise partner. Otherwise, there is no onlooker to watch you, to judge you.

It is at your disposal all the time. You can walk, jog and run any time during the day and night. You can do it more than once. You can do it with more interest and speed at times you feel high in energy. You can just drag yourself on it when you think you are at the lowest ebb.

Fixed bike

A stationary bicycle or fixed bike is as good a fitness machine as a compact treadmill. It simulates outdoor cycling conditions. It is equally effective for fitness lovers with limited ambitions and professional cyclists.

Just like a treadmill, with a help of a tracker, you are able to monitor your progress while cycling. And very much like a treadmill, you can switch between different levels of intensity and speed, according to your energy level and available time. You can bike faster to achieve the maximum in a shorter span. For endurance and flexibility, you can cycle slower and longer.

It is another small fitness equipment that does not take much space to park in your house. You can keep it in your garage. If you live in an apartment, you can station it in your living room.

A stationary bike does not cost as much as a treadmill and other fitness equipment. Sometimes, it comes at less than half or even a quarter of the price of a treadmill. With some savings you are able to fund this equipment easily on your own. You can even put it on your credit card.

Cross trainer

A cross trainer is another popular fitness equipment for a workout at home. It is a hit among super-fitness-conscious women. It is very much affordable. It does not require much space to have it in your house.

It is a very effective exercise machine in the sense that it targets movement of all your body parts with an equal amount of focus. It adds to muscles flexibility. No matter how hard you workout, a chance to an injury is very minimum.

You can do your workout on a cross-trainer as a standalone exercise option. You can also exercise on it before moving on to other workouts. You can pair it with your treadmill. After spending some time on your cross trainer, your muscles would be more flexible and ready to embrace to faster speed and intensity. It increases your muscles endurance and adaptability to tougher workouts.

Rowing machine

It is another very much affordable home fitness machine. Its core target is strengthening of cardio muscles. It is very easy to work on.

The level of ease makes it likable fitness equipment among all age groups. It is particularly a good exercise tool for the elderly. It does not put them through extra pressure. Their lower back muscles get added support and strength.

It boosts stamina. It is safer than many other types of equipment. Just like cross-trainer, chances of an injury are very little in workouts on a rowing machine. It is comparatively small fitness equipment, does not occupy much space in your house.

Despite ease of workout, best rowing machine is a source of quicker and higher calories and fat burn. It is a plus that gives it an edge over other fitness equipment of this size.

Crucial tips:

  • To make most out of your fitness equipment, exercise regularly.
  • Start with small fitness equipment, before moving into more rigorous fitness moves and equipment.
  • When you are not confident about use of a machine, do not use it, especially when you are alone or no one nearby to assist you.
  • By feeling any pain or witnessing any unusual changes in your body, stop or cut intensity and cycle of your exercise.
  • Store your fitness equipment at a safe place. It should not be accessible by your children.
  • Don’t allow your children near you and machines during your workouts.
  • Drink a lot of water, especially after exercise, to keep your body hydrated and fresh.
  • Get yourself examined by your doctor if you feel low in energy continuously to diagnose the actual reason behind it.
  • Keep your safety and safety of your family at the forefront while using an exercise machine at your home.

Author :
Sophie a fitness instructor. She associated with Xn8 Sports who specialize in manufacturing, designing, MMA & Fitness gear.