Comfort is the key when you are trying to compare the Total gym vs. rowing machine. Most exercises are good for you as long as you keep at it. So trying to compare the total gym vs. rowing machine workout will depend on what your exercise goals are. I will give some of the advantages to both and also some useful tips on how to pick the best one for you.

The Total Gym exercises your entire body using your own body weight as resistance while on the other hand; the rowing machine mimics the act of rowing a boat, which also uses your own body weight as resistance. Both machines, will work your entire body when used correctly and they can both make you fit, they can both help you gain muscle and lose weight, and they are both small enough to fit under your bed or in your closet when you’re finished. Which one can you imagine yourself using for days, weeks, months and even years from now?

Before you decide, it might be best to give both machines a test drive before you commit to a buy. Wondering, where can you try them out so that you can best compare the Total Gym vs Rowing Machine? Easily, you have to go where both machines are sold. Most fitness stores in your area that sells fitness equipment, exercise machines will have them.

Just ask them if you can come in and try both machines so that you can compare the Total Gym vs Rowing Machine. Most will likely be more than happy to let you try, especially if they think they’re going to make a sale. If you can not find a store that sells them, you may just have to research both machines extensively so that you can make an educated decision.

Search for both machines on the internet. Study the specifications, look at the pictures and try to find some reviews from real people who have used them. Usually, real people reviews of preference for one machine can be very good evidence of a winner when comparing the Total Gym vs. Rowing Machine.

Best total gym

Best rowing machine

After you have tried both machines, compared reviews online, then choosing between the Total Gym vs Rowing Machine should now be easy because you did your home work diligently before picking the winner!

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