If you want the cheapest exercise bike on the UK market then look no further than the Ultrafit F Bike.  Not only does it come at a rock-bottom price but it’s also one of the most portable exercise bikes available as it can be folded in two so you can easily store it in a cupboard of behind a door if you live in a small living space.  It’s best suited for beginners so if you want a harder challenge look at more expensive exercise bikes with more levels of resistance.

Ultrafit F Exercise Bike Review

Customers on Amazon are currently averaging this cheap folding exercise bike at around 4 out of 5 stars which just goes to show that cheap doesn’t always mean unreliable and nasty.  Read on for our full review of the Ultrafit F Bike including the cheapest prices and best bargains, letting you find the best deals on Ultrafit.

For first time buyers the Ultrafit F Bike is a great purchase, but probably wouldn’t be suitable to people who want to work out daily.  But for the more casual exerciser who has limited space and is a relative beginner then this could be the exercise bike for you.

The Ultrafit F Bike is Easy and Quick to Assemble

It took us 45 minutes to put together with the instructions and we were soon pedalling away.  The build of the F Bike is reasonably sturdy compared to exercise bikes that cost twice the price.  It also has a very small surface area so you can move it around quite easily from room to room.

It’s worth noting at this point that the Ultrafit F Bike is virtually silent meaning for people with limited room who don’t want to disturb others in your living space this is a perfect choice.  The ability to pack it away is a huge selling point, and of all the folding exercise bikes this is one of the most compact we’ve seen.

Could Be More Comfortable

Admittedly it’s not the most comfortable bike to sit on, but for someone wanting to exercise for thirty minutes two or three times a week that can probably be over-looked.  Many users of the Ultrafit F Bike have resorted to using a cushion on the saddle – which whilst not ideal is a perfectly reasonable given that you are paying such a dirt cheap price – you really can’t have everything!

Height wise, if you are shorter than 5 foot 3 inches you might struggle to adjust the seat so your legs reach the pedals – instead you should check out a York exercise bike as these have better adjustability.

8 Levels of Resistance Suit the Beginner

In terms of resistance it comes with 8 different levels, and most people will find the lower ones very simple to tackle.  It probably won’t take you long to progress through the different levels which for a beginner is good enough.  If you are someone who is relatively fit already though, we would recommend you look at Body Sculpture exercise bikes and a model that comes with more levels of resistance.

The display LCD is easy enough to operate and provides feedback on the most basic of functions.  So you can measure your speed, time taken, calories burned, distance, and pulse rate.

Overall this bike is good value.  However, for people in the prime of life who are already reasonably fit then it probably won’t challenge you as much as you would like.  However, if you are new to exercise and have a lot of work to do then the Ultrafit F Bike will be a great purchase.

Technical and Product Specification

  • Folding exercise bike
  • 8 two-way bearing
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Muscle training with the help of eight resistance levels
  • LCD display with computer function: Time, scan, calories, speed, distance, and pulse