Best Vibration Exercise Machines


You’ve seen them in the gym, and probably been a little bit embarrassed to actually try them out, but I bet you’ve wondered whether they actually work or not?  If you’ve been pondering whether to try out a vibration machine or not then our short guide and blog should help you to decide if they are for you or not.

Some of the claims about these vibrating exercise machines, or Power Plates, or Vibration Plates as they are sometimes known are as follows:

  • They will tone your muscles
  • They will improve your bone density
  • They will increase your strength

The reason they contribute to your fitness is because when the body is under vibration, your muscles contract.  When the muscle contract in that way it will mean a stretching of your tendons and increased flow of blood – which is all done with no effort from you.  If you can imagine how many vibrations per minute these machines are giving you, well that’s how many times your muscles will contract.  Compared to regular exercise it would be hard to imagine a scenario where you could contract your muscles with that much speed and frequency.

Will I lose weight with a Power Plate Vibration Exercise Machine?

The short answer is “it really depends on you”.  That’s not a kop-out from us, but it’s true.  The vibration machine technology was originally developed by the Russian Space program to help keep their astronauts in peak condition in a confined space where they had no real room for cardio vascular activity.  As a rule astronauts are in peak physical condition anyway, so it’s fair to say that Vibration Plates alone will not make you lose weight.  As with any gym or home exercise equipment any activity needs to be varied and balanced.  Using the best vibration exercise machine should be part of a health and fitness plan, not as a sole activity.

Who should not use a Vibration Machine?

The manufacturers of these machines recommend that the following types of users do not use these Power Plate machines.

  • Pregnant women at any stage
  • Those with heart disease
  • Anyone fitted with a pacemaker
  • People who have recently had surgery
  • Hip or knee implant patients
  • Sufferers of epilepsy

It makes sense that before you use any type of fitness and exercise equipment that you should always seek advice from your doctor if you are unsure.

Where can I buy the Best Vibration Exercise Machine?

Well they don’t come cheap.  But you guessed that right?  Amazon, one of the leading online retailers do a great range that are actually very good value for money.  We’ve prepared a selection below for you to browse.  Good luck with your exercise routine, and we hope the Exercise Bike Planet blog has helped you to achieve your aims!