There is misconception that elderly people cannot perform exercise on the vibrating exercise machine which is completely wrong. It is as beneficial and easy as for any young person. But it might not be true with a conventional exercise, as with the growing age it becomes harder for an old person to perform vibration exercise on the conventional machines. There are many uses of vibrating training especially for elderly people and some of them are given as follows:

  • It helps in performing non-aerobic exercise.
  • t has a very low impact i.e. its speed can be easily adjusted to one’s need and it is much easier than walking exercise.
  • The vibrating fitness training machines effect increases the blood circulation which helps to prevent the blood clotting in arteries and veins which is the cause of heart attack.
  • It has a sturdy grab rail to which one can easily hold on to and it also has a safety switch to turn the vibration machine off in case if any one falls.
  • As its speed can be adjusted so even at medium or high speed bone strength is increased along with the muscle building which is helpful in protection against osteoporosis.
  • Blood flow is greatly increased around the hips and knees with the strengthening of joints and muscles.

Vibration Training and those with Back / Joint / Arthritis problems

Joint problems are very common in old age people but with the use of vibration trainer these problems can be easily overcome in just few weeks. Besides this, this vibration is useful because one does not have to take medicine due to its continuous use as need of medicine just replenishes with vibration fitness exercise. Here are some important uses of this vibration training:

  • Due to slow speed it is useful for those who have weak joints or have gone through hip and knee replacements (although it may be used only after being prescribed by the doctor).
  • Its regular muscles increases muscle strength, builds up muscle around feet and knees and also around the hip area.
  • It helps to support the weaker joints.
  • To mend your health with a vibration trainer consist of a large displacement which even if used at lower speed helps to gain muscle extension and joint movement than the other trainers.
  • Due to the continuous movement of muscles and joints there is much increased blood flow and there is much slower deterioration of joints and muscles.

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