Overview of Walking & Running

When you think of walking or running, you can consider both as better forms of cardiovascular exercises. But is there anyone better in between these two? Think about the need of yours first. Only then you can say based on your fitness goal, which one is better.

When you have a goal to burn more calories running is a better option. It also helps to reduce weight. While walking has other health benefits, we will also focus that here. Major thing that regularly monitored walk can do is to lose weight. Being healthy is the ultimate goal for both regular walkers & runners.

Benefits of exercises like cardio

As both forms are considered kind of cardio exercises or aerobic cardiovascular, both has same benefits like other cardio execises. They are as:

  • Losing weight or maintaining a healthy life is possible through these two from of exercises.
  • Increase metabolism & stamina level.
  • Ensures healthy immune system.
  • Improve heart condition.
  • May give you a loanger life period.
  • Prevent unnecessary critical health diseases.

Interestingly all excersises imporves mental health conditions and  cardiovascular exercises are recommended from many. Studies found that 90 minutes of moderate intensity exerise(like running) can reduce significant level of anxiety & depression.

You can try it 30 minutes on each session & enjoy same benefits weekly. It will surely increase homone level, which positively results on mood & self esteem.

Another interesting found by researchers revealed that, walking 10 minutes at a time , 3 times a day gives equal cardiovascular exercise like running benefits as mentioned above along with significant mental health boost. So there is a alternative of running 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week with similar effect.

Which one is better, walking or running?

Equal time of walking is half of running. Means walking burns less calories (approximately half if same duration) or vice versa. So will you go for running than walking? Your goal will decide that actually.

Let us take an example. A person with 160 pounds can burn 606 calories if he keeps running for 5 miles per hour. Walking 3.5 miles per hour can only burn 314 calories if same amount of time.Interesting, isn’t?

To lose one pound, someone needs to burn approximately 3500 calories as per findings. So definitely running is a better choise when you want to lose more weight of fat burn than walking for more.

What happen when you are new in exercises? When you are new in exercise, you can surely try with walking, this still helps you to get into good shape. Regular walking is accessible in all forms of fitness when it comes. This boost heart rate & your energy level increases if regular walking is done.

Regular Benefits of Walking vs. Running for Weight Loss

Speed and Power walking vs regular running

When it is 3 mph on an average , speed walking is on you can say. Heart rate is moderately elevated during speed walking. Normally it burns more calories than normal walk in usual pace.

3 mph to 5 mph walking rate is considered as power walking. This can be increased upto 8 to 10 mph by few if wanted. Power walking is closest to running in terms of calories burning. Like power walking for 5 mph in an hour can burn equal calories which can be achived from 5 mph jogging for an hour.

Pace trainning or running ensures effective work out then above two mentioned. You can do a bit experiment with pace trainning. Like you can increase speed for 2 mins than back to regular. Surely running burns more calories than speed walking. Both helps to increase heart rate, boost mood and confirms fitness as much as possible.

Walking in a weighted vest

Using weight on vest will increase the calories burning compare to weight free walking. Anyone can add 5 to 10 percent of body weight extra while walking. Certain walking tips can significantly help to reduce weight. Like you may choose interval walking to tone your muscles.

Continue with same speed for cetain time then you can reduce it and keep continueing in slow speed can be another way of walking to reduce weight. Few people keeps dumble in hands while walking to generate extra burning, which you may follow.

Incline Walking vs. Running

Incline walking is very helpful for those who want to reduce weight quicker. Incline walking is walking uphill. It can burn similar number of calories like running or pace walking. If you want to reduce weight quickly then you should try incline walking rather walking in plain surface.

Incline walking can be done in hilly area or even in a treadmill incline mode. You may find incline walking tough initially but once you are in move for couple of days, you will find better result than regular walking on flat surface. Upto 15 percent incline walking on treadmill may give amazing result if you try.

Benefits vs. Risks on Running

Running is always high impact exercise. It helps to get into shape quicker than normal walking. Weight loss is much easier with running. Due to high impact it can be harder for few.

Running can cause few injuries into list if over do. These are:

  • Stress Fractures
  • Shin Splints
  • ITB friction syndrome

So runners may be more injury pro than walking related exercises. This much high risk lead few not to go for running, but if you want better & quicker result then this is better. Normally a runner have 20 to 70 percent of injury risk but for walkers it reduce to 1 to 5 percent.

If someone choose running over walking, he/she must try to stay injury free. Increasing on mileage slowly reduce risk factor for injury pro person. Balanced running and slow increase of mileage over the week are recommended.

You can start with walking initially, then after few weeks go for slow running, then pace running gradually but do not over do. Remember walking offers many health benefits of running and this is also without the risks of injury due to running.


We already know that both running & walking are very good forms of cadiovascular exercise. As per experts, 150 minutes of moderate cardio exercise each week is very helpful for health. At least this 150 minutes should be the aim for a healthy person. Walking is smart choice when you are a beginner. This difinitely helps you to be in shape moderately. While you are looking for weight loss, you should try running than walking.

Any new beginner on running, should take guidelines from experts or doctors. If you are new to running, slowly progress for next level rather going for next level quickly. Steady & regular walking or running will give you a healthy life. Even a person who walks longer period (for work purpose or have a habbit of walking) regularly, with best loafers for men on, will have a better health than non walking people. So walk or run regularly and stay well, good luck!