One of the things that men really hate to think about is the need for them to lose weight. We’re men, damn it! We like to eat greasy food, big steaks, and multiple cheeseburgers and then sit on the couch with a beer to watch the Football game. That’s just who we are. But, despite this “perception” of who we are, the truth of the matter is, it’s not really healthy. And every year, guys realize that they need to lose weight.

Physiologically speaking, it is easier for men to lose weight than it is for men to lose weight. But, in the same breath, all the programs that women use to lose weight such as Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem leave men concerned about perceptions. How will I look if I am on those diets? The thing is, these programs can be geared toward men and they should be. Charles Barkley, the retired NBA player, now uses Weight Watchers. An old, hall of fame NFL Quarterback used Nutrisystem. These systems geared themselves toward men because men, in all honesty, can and should use programs.

But, what about for those men that just aren’t interested in using systems to try and lose weight and want to do it their own way. If a weight loss system isn’t in your future, there are other ways. But, the first thing that you need to do and truly understand is that to lose weight, you need to consume less. Yes, there are sports players who can consume five thousand calories a day. But, unless you’re a professional athlete who runs for hours a day and practices all the time, in the end, you have to be a bit more selective with what you eat. So, to lose weight, you’ll have to consume less.

That doesn’t mean that you have to change what you eat. Sure, when I am losing weight, I tend to eat salads a little bit more and greasy food less, but the thing to remember is, weight loss is about portions and if you’re eating less of one unhealthy food, that’s a step in the right direction. Once you’ve understood exactly that you want to lose weight and that it’s going to require eating less, it starts to become easier.

The first thing you’ll want to do is eat breakfast. I know, we don’t like to eat breakfast. We’re on the go, we have to get our coffee and go. But, eat breakfast. More importantly, eat fruit or protein or a whole wheat of some sort for breakfast. If you work in an office and you go for a bagel for breakfast, that’s just going to be empty weight you gain. I love bagels. I really do. But, they are such a burden on weight loss, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. So, I suggest eating some fruit, some chicken or even a bowl of oatmeal.

The next thing to do is eat something healthy for lunch. Now, I’m a big guy. If I eat a salad for lunch, I die. I am hungry in a half hour. I’m sorry, but I can’t eat plants and be satisfied. But, what I can do is have a protein salad. The composition of my salad is lettuce, cherry tomatoes, grilled chicken, avocado, black olives and an egg. With all of that protein in there—four of the six ingredients are protein—I am left full. But, with salads, it’s easy to get caught up in the salad dressings. I get balsamic vinegar. I know, I know, it doesn’t taste as good as ranch. So, what I then do is add a squirt of the ranch to the salad. This gives the salad a “creamy” taste without it being overburdened with the calorie heavy salad dressing.

What is important to understand about all this eating is that every little thing that you put in your mouth is going to need to be burned by your body. If it can’t be burned, your body converts those calories into fat and that’s why people gain weight. Therefore, by watching what you put into your body, you’ll be able to reduce the caloric intake and lose weight. One word of warning, though, with calories is that you need a certain amount to function. If you cut calories too much, your body will actually shut down rather than eat the fat you’ve already got. Therefore, you need to be mindful of “starvation” diets because those don’t work.

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