Ever since my old incline weightlifting bench broke, I’ve been on the lookout for a durable yet affordable incline bench. This Weider Incline Weight Bench definitely fit the bill as far as the price was concerned, but I had some major concerns about its build quality and design. Fortunately, the moment I unpacked and assembled this product, I knew I had made a great investment. Weider is famed in the fitness industry for its attention to detail and massive emphasis on craftsmanship and I’m pleased to report that this weightlifting bench is no exception.

First of all, I absolutely love the design of this incline bench. My favorite feature is the 4-roll leg lockdown attachment which allows me to maintain perfect posture when I’m lifting heavy weights. Have you ever done really heavy sets of bicep curls? Do you remember how difficult it was to keep your lower back straight and your feet on the floor? Well, with the leg lockdown feature on this Weider weight bench, that’s no longer an issue. With your legs elevated and held in place, your lower back will automatically straighten. You can then give 100 percent attention to the muscles you are targeting, whether it’s the biceps, shoulders or chest.

I also love the adjustable back pad. I’ve come across many a weight bench which can only be adjusted in large increments. That makes it tricky for me to do exercises like incline bicep curls because the back rest is either far too high or far too low. Fortunately, Weider’s product designers have taken pains to ensure that the adjustment points are evenly spaced out. As long as you’re not obscenely tall or incredibly short, I’m quite certain you’ll find the adjustment increments well-spaced and comfortable.

There aren’t many weight benches out there that allow you to move the back pad into a declined position, but this Weider weight bench is one of them. In fact, the decline is deep enough for you to perform some really challenging decline sit-ups to work your abs. I highly recommend holding a weight plate to really push your abs to the limit. You can also do decline dumbbell presses on this weight bench to bring out the definition in your lower chest muscles.

Since I’m talking about weights, I’d like to discuss the issue of stability. My previous incline bench was incredibly wobbly. Sometimes, it felt like I was expending more effort to balance my bench than perform my weightlifting exercises! Although this bench feels relatively lightweight, it boasts brilliant weight distribution for superb stability. Even when I’m heaving my heaviest dumbbells around, I don’t feel a single tremor in the weight frame. This Weider weight bench was exactly what I needed for a safer workout.

Most weightlifting benches at this price point aren’t really built to last. Most of them last about a year at most. This Weider weightlifting bench, however, has all the makings of a great long-term investment. Six months in, the product still looks brand new. Special mention goes to the foam rollers and vinyl seats. In my experience, these components are usually the first to start peeling, but mine are still in tip-top condition. I’m confident this bench will last at least another two years.

If you want adjustability, durability and stability without spending too much money, this Weider weight bench is for you. I’d never have believed an incline bench this affordable could deliver on so many counts, but Weider has proved me wrong!

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