An excellent way to fight everyday stress and beat the extra pounds, spinning has been shown to enhance weight-loss and help you tone up any problem area. Contrary to what most people seem to believe, spinning does not merely provide an aerobic workout but also focuses on strength and stamina enhancement. Indeed, this particular form of exercise helps you burn up to 1000 calories per hour on high resistance and around 600 on moderate. The motions engaged in a spinning workout have also been shown to drastically improve muscular tone, which basically means that muscles will gradually replace fat in any problem area in your body.

For starters, this particular form of exercise has been shown to tone up the ankles within just a few weeks of continuous use. Since your toes are constantly being driven in a downwards motion towards the pedals, the front of your shins are largely engaged into cycling movements. According to fitness experts, athletes who want to tone up the ankles should preferably use or tighten their ankle straps to provide more resistance.

Doesn’t strain your knees!

Other than the ankles, athletes can also expect quite an in-depth workout in the knees as well. However, in stark contrast to other machines, spin bikes such as the Spinner Fit, manage to build up enough muscles in the knees, without causing any strain to this particular area. In fact, spinning bikes angle your body in such a way so as to take most of your weight off the knees, while encouraging muscle-building and toning up. The motions engaged when you drive the pedals downwards also provide quite a bit of toning up in the hamstrings as well. Therefore, you can certainly expect to lose quite a bit of weight in the lower-thigh region after weeks of continuous use.

Ladies who tend to accumulate fat around the hips will be glad to learn that spinning also target the muscles in this area. Hips are actually used to generate force as you recover from each downward stroke to pull your leg back up which means that they absorb quite a lot of tension. This, in return, provides quite a bit of fat-burning in this particular region of the body. Once again, it’s best to strap your toes in to enhance resistance. It’s also important to know that the hips are much more engaged if you add some tension to your training, even if it’s on the lowest setting.

According to experts, working out without the least bit of resistance allows the machine to do all the work which can slow down your weight-loss regimen. If you’re a beginner, start off on a lower setting and gradually work your way to higher resistance to train the glutes and hips. Some athletes choose to stand up and train, in which case, you can be sure to train the muscles in your upper and lower back as well. This will also engage your wrists, lower arms and shoulders, which can easily speed up weight-loss. All in all, if you engage in regular sessions on your spinning bike and adopt the proper posture, you can be sure to quickly tone up any saggy area and build up various muscles of your body.

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