Anyone who exercises regularly does it to gain significant health benefits. These include muscle development and stamina improvement. However, with all the many routines and equipment made available to you, it can be quite confusing which ones you should choose. Most of the time, the choice is made based on how efficient the program or apparatus is. But, how can one tell if something is effective? Often, it is decided by how much of the body is being worked on.

If you are a person who is into exercise bikes, you must be wondering if it develops a lot of muscles. The following are some of the areas in your body that primarily benefit from exercising with a stationary bike.

Quadriceps Femoris

These are the ones that are located on the front of your thighs. Every single time your knee goes from a bent position to a straight one, your quads are activated. This motion is called knee extension. When you pedal and push your foot down, the quadriceps are worked up.


These muscles can be found on the lower backside of the legs. They are involved with a movement called plantar flexion that takes place every time your toes point downward. This can be experienced when the cranks come around from the bottom to the top position.

Gluteus Maximus

These are stationed in your rear and are used when your upper legs go from an arched to an aligned stance. The same with the quads, these are developed when you prod the pedals downward.

Anterior Tibialis

These are the tendons that run down the front of your shins. They cause dorsi flexion, which is the opposite of plantar flexion as the motion occurs when your toes point up in the air. Your tibialis anterior muscles are being stretched during the time when your feet move over the top point into the downward stroke.


They are found on the back of your thighs. They go against the quadriceps and they “flex” the knee. When your lower leg goes from a straight form to a bent one on the upward stroke, these muscles are stretched.


The rectus abdominis muscles, or more commonly known as the abs, are the ones found in the front of your abdomen and make up part of the core. The erector spinae, on the other hand, are the ones that are stationed in your lower back. During your workout on the exercise bike, these two are contracted to hold your body stable. If the resistance on an upright exercise bike is increased to the point where you have to stand up, the contraction is even greater.

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