Vibration technology is one of the newest advances in fitness. Use of a vibration exercise machine can help people tone and lengthen muscles, increase flexibility, improve bone density, lose weight and increase lean muscle mass. People around the world are turning to the vibration exercise machine for fast and easy workouts that yield noticeable results at an affordable price.  Vibration exercise helps users avoid the high prices of other machines, such as Power Plate, and avoid the high costs of spas and health clubs. With the vibration exercise, users can get the results that they want from a vibration machine in the comfort of their own homes.

The vibration exercise requires 10 minute workouts between three and seven days a week to achieve maximum results. The vibration plate moves in a see-saw oscillating motion that other machines, such as the power plate, do not. The sturdy steel construction of the top vibration machines provides stability and durability. Users simply position themselves on the vibration plate and watch the results. The vibration of the machines power plate causes rapid muscle contractions that help to build lean muscle. These rapid contractions give users the equivalent workout of hours in the gym in only 10 minutes a day. Many users experience an increase in flexibility and range of motion that comes from the combination of increased lean muscle mass and weight loss. The process of using the vibration plate could not be easier, and users love it for the dramatic improvements they see in their health.

Vibraslim, the leading brand in vibration fitness is sold worldwide and is used by doctors, professionals, celebrities, spas and gyms, health enthusiasts and everyday people looking to tone, lose weight and improve their well-being. Even NASA relies upon vibration technology to help astronauts. This vibration exercise machine is so easy to use that almost anyone can use it. The Vibraslim is an extremely powerful vibration machine that can be used by people who weigh up to 275 pounds, which means that even users who have a lot of weight to lose can still enjoy the Vibraslim’s health benefits and use it to help them reach their goals.

Forms of vibration exercise were first invented by the Soviet space program, and the benefits of using a vibration exercise machine are backed by years of scientific research. The Russians discovered that due to the lack of gravity, astronauts experienced decreases in bone density and muscle strength. Through the use of vibration plate technology, scientists were able to reverse that process and increase strength and bone density. Through 2010, over 750 research reports were completed in the United States, Canada and Europe. Vibration plate fitness studies show that use of a vibration machine can significantly help the elderly improve balance, reverse the effects of osteoporosis and decrease their risk of falling.

Power Plate and other imitators beware. The Vibraslim is the sturdiest and most affordable machine on the market today, combining great results and great value. Other competitors simply can’t compare, which is why Vibraslim is the preferred vibration exercise machine.

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